Oripan designs and manufactures industrial automation plants and process' control offering solutions ranging from engineering to the after-sales services, following the customer requirements both for the installation of new systems and for the renovation of the existing facilities.

Thanks to the developed skills in over twenty years of market presence, the Oripan systems are designed and developed in-house, from the design of the mechanical and electrical parts to the PLC and SCADA applications for the process control and for the development of operator interfaces. The so realized systems are present with particular success in the food industry.

The constant focus on overcoming the technological obstacles and the continuous process of study and research of new solutions for the industrial automation allowed Oripan to implement more efficient and tailored plants able to interpret the specific requirements of each customer.

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Background and Technology

The need to implement automation systems in the various industrial processes is due to the fact that, in their absence, the workers are forced to physically monitor the operating parameters of the plant and the quality of the results, in order to determine the optimum settings for the production equipment. All this suggests the possibility of errors and personal interpretations that surely undermine the good company performance.

Through process automation it is possible to avoid these complications by the use of automatic detection sensors that record the values of the basic parameters such as temperature, power consumption and then make them available to the managers for the monitoring of the production standards.

The industrial automation was born with the aim to simplify and mostly to improve the manufacturing processes, automatically adjusting their settings in order to optimize the production, allowing the operator to manually manage the automation systems of the processes.