We are living a new industrial revolution, the Industry 4.0 revolution, which integrates new technologies and infrastructures of the ICT world (Information Communication Technology) for a more efficient and interconnected industrial production. These new needs require a greater integration of business functions, especially between the production and the control levels where there is an information gap that can be solved by a M.E.S. system. It represents the key tool to create a complete interaction between the management level, typically dominated by ERP systems, and the production field.

At this stage, OFS is involved as a M.E.S. system, designed and built by Oripan for the production management and the integration with any E.R.P. systems in the food industry, able to fit the required Industry 4.0 standards.

  • Greater FLEXIBILITY through the instant reconfiguration of batches and production cycles.
  • Greater SPEED from the market’s demands to the finished product through an integrated management of production.
  • Better QUALITY and UNIFORMITY of the finished product through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms applicable in real time on the production process.
  • Greater EFFICIENCY in terms of energy saving and machine life thanks to real-time monitoring and historical data analysis.
  • Increased product COMPETITIVENESS thanks to the data analysis capabilities resulting from the use of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).
  • Greater SECURITY of information and systems in order to preserve the integrity and the secrecy of productive data.