A proper management of information nowadays is a must for the success of your enterprise; the information resource plays a determining role in business management making an important contribution to the business processes.

OFS, Oripan Factory System, is a MES system for the management of the production, for the supervision and the integration of the business structure. All in order to make always available to management the production data with the aim to improve flexibility and efficiency, contain and manage the costs, optimize the maintenance and maximize the yield of the raw material.

The complete set of this information allows you to have:

  • Real time data, updated and reliable with reference to the progress of the production plan;
  • Data concerning the execution of the planned operations;
  • Data on performances and on the department's costs and deviations from the expected standards;
  • Data regarding quality controls, traceability of production batches with the corresponding data on the amount of raw materials used;
  • Scheduled maintenance of the equipment, production Gantt with integrated warehouse management.

OFS is the concrete answer to the many problems that arise in production. Designed and developed by analysing all challenges related to the sector of product manufacturing, it is able to provide all the support and the control needed for an integrated production management.

In fact, the OFS MES system is a data collection centre where the decision-making offices can gather on all the information, in real time, in order to operate at best and competitively.

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  • Real-time access to the relevant data related to the production process and to related processes.
  • Instant feedback of any unforeseen of the production process in order to provide a timely intervention and restore the situation.
  • Monitor production workers and related processes providing them operational instructions on the basis of the assigned task.
  • Plan production straight from order’s planning and scheduling.
  • Verify the efficiency and the effectiveness of processes to improve results.
  • Support quality processes and production-related maintenance management.
  • Monitor and synthesize the performance of the production line through specific KPIs (eg OEE).
  • Manage raw materials and their usage data for a clear traceability and a proper stock management.
  • Optimize production, raw material consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Calculate early costs for a prompt industrial cost analysis of the finished product.