Software Support 
The application assistance on the software solutions we propose guarantees telephone or e-mail support for the resolution of all the inherent problems and also ensures, for those equipped with the necessary instrumentation, a remote assistance service carried out remotely for a more in-depth analysis of the client's problems.

The telephone assistance service includes: assistance to the installation and to the use of procedures and instructions for the temporary overcoming of any defects and / or malfunctions that have been properly documented by the customer. For those who sign an applied service contract, the right to receive all updates and changes of the product available via computer is completely automatic and free or on a magnetic support with the cost of the support and the relative shipping cost. The updates for changes to the procedures deriving from a fiscal or a statutory nature will be released within reasonable time limits in order to leave the fiscal functionality and the various performances of the same procedures unaltered. This service includes only the updating of the procedures delivered to the user as a contract. ORIPAN S.R.L. reserves the right to decide or not to the start production of new modules for the automation of aspects of current or future legislation, not addressed by the procedures currently in the catalog. These possible new modules will be distributed free to the user as part of the service contract.

The service also includes free updates of any implementations and enhancements decided by ORIPAN S.R.L

The assistance and maintenance of the programs will be carried out from Monday to Friday from 07.30 to 11.45 and from 13.30 to 16.45 at the headquarters of ORIPAN S.R.L. from service personnel. The instruction of the user to solve problems related to the use of the programs will take place in the shortest possible time, compatibly with the commitments made.

Special rates are reserved for customers with the Oripan service contract, a contract that guarantees a wide range of services, including dedicated lines, main priority in case of support call and personal support on all major systems problems.

Concerning the On-site assistance performed by our staff at the customer site, it is guaranteed only for those customers who have a support contract with our company. For such interventions the rates that will be applied are the ones in accordance with the current price list of the company.

For modification tasks or additions to the software under license, once analysed and studied the feasibility of the request, a fixed amount of work to be carried out will be established. ORIPAN S.R.L. reserves the right to reject any request of modification or integration if considered to be inadequate or impractical.

In conclusion, we want to remember the importance to perform a daily backup of the business data (in particular the PANE.MDB file) in order to preserve the company from unpleasant drawbacks due to the loss and / or destruction of data stores and to use a constantly updated antivirus system. The ORIPAN S.R.L. will not be responsible under any circumstances for damages to the data stores.


Open every weekday from 7.30 to 11.45 and from 13.30 to 16.45.


Remote monitoring and technical support via Internet. By downloading the appropriate software in the download section, you will be able, in few seconds, to establish a direct connection with Oripan in order to receive a remote assistance service. The service is subject to the conditions subscribed.